In The News:

31 Mar 2009, Lands bill will affect all corners of America... Idaho Statesman
28 Jan 2009, Unlikely Allies Boise Weekly
25 Jan 2009, Zimo: Ode to the Owyhees... Idaho Statesman
16 Jan 2009, Our View: Perseverance pays off on wilderness protection, Idaho Statesman

Press Releases:

March 24, 2010, Owyhee Public Lands Management Act: One Year Review
April 9, 2009, Explore Idaho's New Wilderness
March 25, 2009, Monumental National Wilderness Bill Passes Congress
March 25, 2009, Idaho Rivers United Press Release
March 25, 2009, Statements on Passage of Owyhees Land Management bill

For the press:

The following photos are available for media use provided the source is credited. Other uses prohibited without prior permission.

Small Water
© Craig Gehrke

Big Jacks Northfork Owyhee Rivers Fisherman Little Jacks Storm Battle Creek Confluence
© John McCarthy

Great Basin Collared Lizard Adult Ibis Ibis Chicks Collared Lizard Western Toad 1 Western Toad 2
© Idaho Fish & Game Dept.

Allium Aasae Astragalus Mulfordiae Astragalus Yoder-Williams Cardaria Draba Chaenactis Cusickii Cheatgrass

Chondrilla Juncea Infestation Downingia Bachigalupii Epipactis Gigantea Glyptopleura Marginata Hackelia Ophiobia Lepidium Davisii

Penstemon Janishiae Slickspot Peppergrass Texosporum Sancti-Jacobi
© Bureau of Land Management

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